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Data Center Infrastructure Management | DCIM Software

For any tech giant or company that houses a data center, it’s essential to ensure they remain efficient as they continue to collect data from various avenues. However, even with most companies’ technological solutions, it can still be challenging to streamline processes. So how have companies tackled efficiency problems in their data centers? Most now

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Data Center Tiers: Guide to Tier Classification System

Data centers are a leading force that powers the global economy. They house the systems, devices, applications, and data that make it possible to do business in modern society. Specialists predict that the total number of data centers globally surpasses 8.4 million, with more than 3 million in the U.S. Thanks to the Internet and

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Environment Monitoring System

Environmental Monitoring Systems: Best Practices

When your server is threatened, your entire data bank is at risk. Having a system in place to watch for potential threats is critical. Environment monitoring and having a solid strategy is the first step. This article will provide an overview of environmental monitoring systems’ best practices. Before implementing any environment monitoring system, you should

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Server Room Temperature: Guide to Important Ranges

Has your phone or computer ever overheated? Due to the rise of the device’s internal temperature, its capabilities became limited and led to immense frustration for you. However, it wasn’t the constant use of the device that increased its temperature; it was the external temperature. Temperature fluctuations are also common in many business server rooms.

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Data Center Colocation

What is a Colocation Data Center? Colocation Facilities Guide

The decision to move to a colocation data center must be considered in the context of operational reliability, security, and of course, cost. More companies are discovering that colocation solves many of their problems without managing their own data center. Businesses may use colocation services because they don’t have the necessary resources to maintain their

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Zinc Molecule

Best Guide to Zinc Whiskers Remediation [Easy Removal]

Any company that has a data center knows how important it is to mitigate failure risks and maintain an efficient environment that promotes uptime. From layout design to temperature monitoring, there are various factors that can contribute to failures and outages. These disruptions can lead to lost data and lost time; however, if you’re diligent,

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Server Room Humidity: Learn Critical Humidity Control

Server Room Humidity: Learn Critical Humidity Control

If your business has a data center or server room, you understand that it’s critical to maintain an optimal temperature and humidity level to ensure your equipment runs efficiently and safely. Several internal and external factors can influence your server room’s environment. But maintaining the recommended humidity level can prove difficult if you don’t have

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What is a Hyperscale Data Center

What is a Hyperscale Data Center? Full Hyperscale Breakdown

Over the past two decades, servers have become more powerful, and data center designers have a better ability to maximize the number of servers in a data center.  A few of the biggest technology companies globally are Google, IBM, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and Facebook. They have developed technologies that billions of people use word wide.

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Cooling Capacity

Cooling Capacity: Everything You Need to Know

It’s no secret that data centers use quite a lot of electricity. Considering the massive computing power they can fit onto a single data floor and the cooling infrastructure required to maintain an ideal operating environment, data centers consume approximately 3% of the world’s electricity. With the growth of hyper-scale facilities, power usage is likely

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Wiping Down Data Center Racks

Data Center Cleaning Best Practices [2021]

Keeping data centers clean and ensuring that they are free of dust and debris is critical to ensure that their equipment continues running safely and effectively without encountering server issues, crashes and system failures, and potential fire outbreaks. The following is a selection of some of the best practices used by professional data center cleaning

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Data Center Dust Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth

Data Center Dust Control & Cleaning | Data Center Vacuum

Why is it Critical to Keep Data Centers Free of Dust? Data centers and the advanced technology they contain are highly susceptible to a wide range of impacts caused by the presence of dust and other airborne particles. The dust has the power to cause several problems, affecting everything from the energy efficiency of equipment

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Data Center Power Design: AVOID THESE MISTAKES

Effective power design in data centers is a critical component of their ability to work successfully and accurately without encountering a range of potentially disastrous issues, including instances of total power failure that lead to significant losses. Mistakes are pretty standard when creating optimal data center power design, especially when developed by undertrained data center

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Data Center Raised Clean Flooring

10 Data Center Cleaning Supplies & Tips

General Supplies & Tips for Effective Data Center Cleaning The presence of dirt, dust and other airborne particles in data centers can lead to many potential problems, including system failures, fires, and eventual hardware damage that requires costly repairs and replacements to correct. Because of this, it’s essential that data centers either employ a regular,

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Data Center Cooling Calculator

How to Calculate Data Center Cooling Needs

When it comes to running electrical equipment, especially the highly complex and powerful equipment found in data centers, heat generation is a normal side-effect that needs to be handled quickly and appropriately to prevent system disruptions and extensive damage to servers. Equipment may suddenly crash and have its lifespan shortened if temperatures are allowed to

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Server Room Cleaning Supervisor

Server Room Cleaning Practices: Best Guide [2021]

Most businesses today spend substantial money on protecting their server rooms. It stores client information, contracts, financial transactions, sales analysis, and more. Spending time and money to increase security from outside threats is always essential. It’s hard to imagine what you would do if you lost all of your data.  Hackers aren’t the only reason

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Data Center Energy Consumption

Understanding Data Center Energy Consumption [2021]

Think of data centers as the brains of the internet—they process, store, and communicate all of the data behind the services we rely on every day, from social media to scientific computing.  To do this, data centers use various IT devices, all of which require a significant amount of energy use. For example, servers perform

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Data Center Tech Support

Data Centers: What They Do & Why [2021]

You are in the market to select a data center or renting a colocation facility for your business or service, you must understand a crucial point; the data center is the unseen and unheralded real estate facilitator of the digital world.  The general public depends on the constant machinations of the data center for their

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Data Center Cooling

Data Center Cooling 101: From Start to Finish

Most data centers use a lot of electricity, especially when you consider the amount of computing power that fits into a single data floor.  Because data centers can be so energy-intensive, it’s essential to have a sound data center cooling system in place. A data cooling center will help ensure that your electrical equipment does

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Technicians monitoring a data center complex

Data Center Infrastructure: What You Need to Know

A data center’s infrastructure consists of two tiers of infrastructure: the exterior structure and internal components. The exterior infrastructure involves construction, external energy generation sources, and security. The internal infrastructure comprises computer systems, servers, cooling equipment, redundancy systems, and more. The depth of your data center’s infrastructure depends on the extent of your operational functions.

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Data Center Power Guide

Data Center Power: Best Guide to Efficient Power Management

Your business and its operational needs can’t afford to take such information about data centers or their power efficiency needs for granted. e very concept of the data center had to incrementally increase in size, function, and power efficiency since the dawn of the internet age and the digital era as we know it. The

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